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Acme Sewage Co formed in 1976 with Ozzy , Simon (sewage) Coxhill and Pete Barber. They obtained notoriety by playing regularly at 'the Roxy Club' in Covent Garden and appearing on the 'Farewell To The Roxy ' live album. They hated what the producers had done to their performance and subsequently Pete left the band.
Ozzy and Simon continued for a period using session bass players and sometimes even performing as a two piece. This used to shock audiences used to a traditional minimum of 3 piece but by playing the guitar louder and Simon playing more fills on the drums they played some storming gigs that the fans loved
In 1978 after unsuccessfully trying to find a replacement for Pete , Simon switched to Bass and Paul Walker joined the band on Drums. With this line up they played many gigs and festivals around the country.
They also experimented for a while with adding Simon Turner on keyboards but it never really worked that well and he didnt appear on any of the recordings that were made
In the early 80's disaster struck in the form of the 'New Romantics ' and suddenly they found themselves unfashionable as they refused to change just to be 'hip'.
Acme never actually broke up as such they just went underground Ozzy and Simon continuing to remain good mates and working together on and off through the years
Ozzy and Simon are now joined by drummer Arup and have started gigging again .